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Cathy Gotfried

With 37 years in travel and tourism and a lifetime of wanderlust, Cathy Gotfried has a tough time choosing her “favourite place on the planet”. Her dreams have always been ‘remote and exotic’, while her focus and passion for depth of experience and local understanding has fuelled her love for all things Asian.

Holidays as a child were always spent camping but once Cathy got her first job at 14, she saved her money for bigger dreams, where airline tickets, back packs, language translation and guide books were essential ingredients. She took her first solo trip at age 17, spending 6 months exploring Europe using Frommer’s ‘Europe on $15 a Day’ as her guide.

Her travel dreams were fulfilled 1986 when she entered the travel business. Cathy has owned her own business for 33 years and now specializes in creating life-changing travel experiences through her Babes in Bali Tours, for women of all ages and from all walks of life. To date Cathy has organized and escorted 25 Babes in Bali tours with over 400 women and has another tour scheduled for October 2023. After 35 journeys to the “Island of the Gods” Cathy still loves this wondrous destination as much, if not more, than her very first time!

Having travelled to 37 countries, Cathy has a vast knowledge of staying healthy while travelling, which she will be sharing with you today.