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Elaine Dixson

Elaine Dixson first travelled to Morocco in 2013 to participate in a culinary tour that was eventually cancelled – and went to the desert instead! It was a life-changing experience. She fell in love with Morocco, and it’s now her second home.


Elaine is your travel co-ordinator and advisor when you contact us for information about travel to Morocco or Morocco tours. She’s worked with Sahara Adventures and Imad Zaanoun since the company’s inception in 2013. Typically, she’s in Morocco at least twice a year, and has explored almost every corner of the country. She’s got the visitor’s view of Morocco, and is sensitive to the needs of travellers who want only to revel in the magic of their experiences, knowing someone else is reliably taking care of all the logistics. 


Even when she’s home in Canada, there’s always a little bit of Morocco in daily life: there’s a “little Moroccan treasure” in every room of the house, and friends and family have come to expect a touch of Moroccan cuisine at almost every meal. Elaine has spent many years as a self-employed communications consultant in Canada, and has travelled extensively throughout the world, always independently. She can help you plan any aspect of your own tour, always with the goal of helping you experience the authentic Morocco in safety and comfort.

Travel with Elaine

Morocco Mosaic Discovery Tour for Women

14 days
Availability : November 5 - 19, 2022

Savour Morocco – Culinary Treasures Tour

10 days
Availability : March 3 - 10, 2023