Kindred Women Travelers

Maryann O’Connor

My name is Maryann O’Connor, founder of KWT, and I always travel with the group. Let’s see…what can I tell you about myself? I come from a large Italian family, so wonderful Italian food was a given. Somewhere along the way, I became interested in ethnic foods, developing a taste for Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Mexican and, my favorite, Indian food! My love of these cuisines has certainly enhanced my desire to travel and visit the places from which they originated. While I have not yet been to India, my travels to Vietnam and Thailand were an absolute joy to my taste buds!

I am happy as a clam when I am organizing trips or events. In my younger days, I organized music festivals. After I became the mother of two Vietnamese children, I organized a large cultural event for “Families with Children from Vietnam,” attracting adoptive families from up and down the east coast. And now I enjoy planning trips and exploring foreign lands. Hope you can join us!

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