Travel Symposium 2023 — Recordings




2nd Annual Travel Symposium by The Travel Collective

A FULL-DAY of recording content from travel experts, writers, photographers, and exploration trailblazers. Hear stories, learn from experts and be inspired  for your next travel adventure.

There are 18-recordings, 14-travel experts and over 6-hours of content!!!

Sessions included:

  • Using Points and Miles to Fly Free
  • Stay Healthy while Traveling
  • Slow Travel, How to Travel Long Term
  • Packing Light
  • Thinking about RV travel? The Good, The Bad, the UGLY
  • Human Powered Travel
  • Traveling as a Person With a Disability
  • How to have your ‘Dream Vacation’: The Case for the Custom Tour
  • Top Tips for Photographing your Travels
  • Why One Visit Isn’t Enough
  • Planning Your Perfect Culinary Experience


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