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Lea Lane

Lea Lane is a Travel podcast host of Places I Remember with Lea Lane and author of the award-winning travel memoir,  Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries.  Lea is an avid photographer, I’ve contributed to dozens of guidebooks. created thousands of travel pieces and columns, and authored eight books. I love sharing discoveries in travel, food, art, culture and lifestyle through words and photos.


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“I love her courage and heart! Funny, poignant, wise, and woke—an ideal travel companion.”—Joan Walsh (The Nation, CNN). Joyful and informative Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries presents writings and illustrated photos in a memoir covering over 50 years of travel throughout the world. You’ll find a range of unforgettable people and places through vivid personal experiences — good, bad and often, laugh-out-loud funny. “With her charming essays and the delightful illustrations, Places I Remember speaks to both travelers and wannabes—including the growing numbers going solo.”—Bella DePaulo (author, Singled Out). Organized from A to Z, it rewards a binge or a browse, here and there.“…the perfect gift…it tells little stories—poignant and funny and sad.”—Margie Goldsmith (forbes.com). Lea Lane is an award-winning author of eight books, and has contributed to a dozen guidebooks. She has written for magazines, websites, and newspapers, including The New York Times and The Miami Herald. She is currently a regular contributor to forbes.com. Greg Correll, former illustrator for The New Yorker and CLIO winner, has created stunning fine-art illustrations, based on her photos.