Speaker, Nikki Williamson Page

Nikki Williamson Page

Nikki Page is the co-founder of the Viva Purpose, Inc. publishing group and is excellent at working with authors. She became a #1 International Bestselling author by self-publishing her first book, “Cut The Crap & Move To Costa Rica, A How-to Guide Based On These Gringos Experience.” Through her website, blogs, and social media she continues to provide expert advice to relocators with current events and logistics of expat life in Central America.



228 Days Trapped in Paradise: The Diary of an Expat Chica in Costa Rica

From Nikki Page, #1 International bestselling author of “Cut The Crap & Move To Costa Rica” with the follow up, “The Ultimate Costa Rica Cookbook” comes “228 Days Trapped in Paradise: The Diary of an Expat Chica in Costa Rica”.

Trapped in paradise, it sounds like a dream come true, or is it?

This diary is the record of the immense emotional journey of a U.S. expat who found herself trapped in Costa Rica during the worldwide pandemic.

It happened in a matter of a few minutes as Nikki’s expat world would be forever changed. On March 15, 2020, the Costa Rica government closed land, sea, and air borders. She writes about world history in the making.

Trying to be reunited with her family. Being locked into zones in a foreign country with no flights stateside. Government enforced curfews and restricted driving privileges have become the norm. Even questioning everything that her life was worth. This chica leaves nothing out.

“This was the worst-case scenario I came up with six years ago when telling my parents and children about becoming an expat family. All of them asked, “What if something happens?” and I would answer jokingly, “We can always come home by land, sea, or air. If all three of these are closed at the same time, the world has bigger problems”.

“We’re talking the end of the world apocalypse scenario like “Walking Dead” and at that point, it won’t matter. Even after 9/11, flights came back quickly. So, remember, unless it’s the end of the world, I can and always will be able to get back to you.”

However, this is no joke. Not being able to get to her home country has become her reality.