Speaker, Sheila Stone

Sheila Stone

Sheila Stone is a British history nerd, an enthusiastic Japanophile, loves cultural anthropology, and has performed stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  She loves to travel so much that – at age 60 – she started her own tour company specializing in connecting with local culture in addition to seeing sights.  She is the author of three travel books on London & Britain.   


How 2 London

This is the nuts-and-bolts, quick-and-dirty guide to visiting London. It includes basic travel information; things to know before you go and things to know once you’re there; where to stay and where to get good eats; how to get around like a local; and ways to save money while having a stellar experience. It also gives you ideas for what to do on your first day (while your mind is still somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic) and some easy sample itineraries.