Speaker, Zinnia Abbott

Zinnia Abbott

Zinnia Abbott (a pen name) is a retired nurse, mom, and grandmother living in southern Maine. Her book, Stealth Camping with Hundreds of My Closest Friends, she describes a road trip where she enjoyed colorful characters, quirky attractions, beautiful nature, and an AA meeting in all 48 states. All without paying a dime for lodging.  

Stealth Camping with Hundreds of My Closet Friends


Recently retired, Zinnia longs to escape boredom and loneliness. So, she sets out on a solo road trip looking for adventure, and connection-the human kind and the spiritual kind. Ride along with her! She invites you to be her traveling companion. You’ll see how, stealth camping in her minivan, she tours the United States without spending a dime for lodging.

With Zinnia, you’ll discover national parks, intriguing attractions, colorful characters, and beautiful nature. You’ll be treated to the wit and wisdom of friendly AA meetings in all 48 contiguous US states. With humor and insight, she shares the wonders of learning about her country, her people, and herself.