Top 10 World Cities 

Each week April and I are doing a different Top 10 List. This week we talked about the Top 10 City of the World. We grabbed the list from a September 2021 article in A Far Magazine.  The article listed the top 25 cities. The ranking was a result of research done in 2020 by Resonance Consultancy. They were not only looking at the best cities to visit, but the best cities to live and to work — looking at six core categories, including Place, People, Programming, Product, Prosperity, and Promotion. April and I pulled the top 10 to share with you.

#1 London

Noted for its nightlife, stellar airport and connectivity throughout the city. This capital city’s shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants change and evolve constantly. And whether you’re alone, with your family, looking to get outside, London has it all.

#2 Paris

I LOVE Paris! Noted for the many sights and landmarks, as well as shopping.  Paris is the “City of Lights” it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Full of history and iconic sights and venues. Everything about Paris is beautiful, the food, the people, the streets. And as with any modern city, there are always changes and improvement underway. The Champs-Élysées is expected to be transformed over the next decade into a massive garden. They plan to remove and limit vehicle access and invest in pedestrian-focused amenities.

#3 New York

New York is right up there with Paris on my favorite city list. But for very different reasons. I love the hum of the city. The abundance of diversity. The city is well laid out with access to lot of outdoor spaces with one of the largest urban parks in the world and flanked by two rivers, lots of pocket parks, which sprinkle nature all throughout the city. With easy-to-use public transport and tons of action, New York never stops humming along.

#4 Moscow

Was listed as number four, as the capital of Russian, it is well known for its culture and landmarks, such as the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. Moscow is also undergoing an aggressive program, costing more than $3 billion dollars to transform streets and create more walkable experiences. It is also ranked sixth for most hash-tagged global city on Instagram.

#5 Dubai

Dubai ranks number 5, with tourism being very important to the government, they pay special attention to ensuring the city is safe and clean. And although Dubai ranks high as one of the safest countries to visit, there are laws to be cautious about. Many local laws and customs forbid many things that you wouldn’t consider crimes at home, and tourists can easily get fined, arrested, or even deported. There is zero tolerance for drugs of any kind. If you take medication, double-check each of them to ensure they don’t contain a banned substance. The country has banned all pornography and pork products and being drunk in public (outside a licensed venue) will get you arrested. Safe, yes. But check the laws and rules of the city before heading to Dubai.

#6 Tokyo

If you are planning a foodie trip, think about Tokyo, ranked number one for its restaurants, and home to some life-changing ramen. Lots of affordable hotels and easy access to safe public transit.

#7 Singapore

Ranking in at number seven Singapore gets my vote for its state-of-the-art airport. By far the best airport in the world. Singapore is boast consistently low crime rates, a transparent legal system, and a reliable police force supported by proactive citizens.

#8 Los Angeles

Los Angeles hosts two separate restaurant weeks to showcase the culinary options with an abundance of rooftop bars and beach front patios. Los Angeles has made strides in public transportation and is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

#9 Barcelona

Barcelona is an ideal European city, with near-perfect weather, miles of beaches, amazing architecture and unique neighborhoods. Making the list for food, art and history.

#10 Madrid

Madrid is easily travel by foot with wide boulevards and spectacular museums to explore. The night-life is also a huge part of the scene in Madrid.

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