2023 Symposium Recordings

Opening, What Travel Means to Us

Thinking about RV Travel? The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Presented by: Joe Testa
In this session you will learn that traveling in a RV, is fun, cozy and possibly less expensive. You will also learn about some things that might not be talked about very often.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Presented by:  Cathy Gotfried
We all have our tricks to stay healthy at home but what should we do different when we’re on the road, travelling on planes, trains and buses, through many time zones and navigating international airports?   This discussion is for those that want my top physical and emotional health tips, so you can have your best trip yet!

Human Powered Travel

Presented by:  David Miller
The best way to see the world is under the power of your two legs. Learn how backpacking and cycling open up am entirely new way to experience the places you visit. Expert and tour company found David Miller will take you on a journey to discover why human powered travel is perfect for your next journey.

Traveling as a Person with a Disability

Presented by: Dave Bahr
Blind from birth, Dave will use his inimitable brand of humor and storytelling to share experiences of his travels both nationally and internationally. Dave will also discuss things that nondisabled people can do to aid persons with disabilities so that everyone can feel included in the wonderful experience that is travel.

Slow Travel: How to Travel Long Term

Presented by: Cindy Coan
Are you thinking about taking a trip for longer than 2-3 weeks? Would you like to spend the summer or the next year in Europe? Join us for an informative session on how to plan and budget for long term travel! You’ll discover that it can be feasible and economical to travel for weeks and months at a time.

How to have your ‘Dream Vacation’: The Case for the Custom Tour

Presented by: Elaine Dixson
It’s your trip — so why not travel your way? Discover some tips for finding independent operators who will build an itinerary around your bucket-list must-do’s. ‘Custom’ doesn’t mean ‘cadillac’ — it just means ‘custom’: a trip planned for the time you have, at the pace that suits you, and at a level of style and comfort that fits your budget. This session will discuss how to work with a custom tour planner to get the most from the experience — and from your wonderful trip!

Packing Light

Presented by: Sheila Stone
WHY PACK LIGHT? Anyone who’s ever lugged a giant suitcase over ancient cobblestones, up a narrow European staircase, or onto a Japanese train won’t have to ask. And with airlines often charging big bucks to check even a single bag these days, it’s become less a choice and more of an economic necessity.  Besides, how can you feel like a classy diva if you’re struggling to control a big, bulky suitcase?

In this session, travel professional Sheila Stone will share strategies, pro tips, and show you some of her favorite travel gadgets to make your next journey a light one!

Top Tips for Photographing Your Travels

Presented by:April Bielefeldt
Taking photos is a wonderful way to relive your travels long after your journey is complete. What are some ways to get photos you will be eager to hang in your home and share with others? Join photographer April Bielefeldt to get some tips on bringing home a “WallHanger”.

Why One Visit Isn’t Enough

Presented by: Christine Lazzara
Revisiting a city allows us to deepen our understanding of its culture, history, and people. As a custom curator of NYC experiences, this exciting talk will help shed light on why, in a city where there are infinite ways to experience it, visiting New York City more than once with a Private Guide is KEY!

Using Points and Miles to Fly Free

Presented by: Linda King
How to increase your airline loyalty points & fly for free, you will discover the strategies to increasing loyalty points. You can earn loyalty points without flying. Take advantage of everything available to earn points.

Planning Your Perfect Culinary Experience

Presented by: Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau
How to find and select the perfect culinary experience anywhere you choose to travel and start building Food & travel memories today. Pick up tips and advice from culinary travel experts to help make your travel planning easier.

All Things Garmisch – Jake from Germany!

Week in Paris

Lets Eat The World in SEVILLE

Lets Eat- Travel with Yetunde- Uzes

Staying Safe while Traveling

Yes You Can Fulfill Your Dreams

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