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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.


Pablo Picasso

Another plug for the Friday morning session with Cindy Coan and April Bielefeldt. Picked up some tips from other entrepreneurs and have had more inquiries, website views, social media follows, and email list signups in a few days than I had in months. Thanks for creating this community!.
David Miller
Founder, Blaze Adventure Tours

Tour & Trip Listings


If you offer tours or multi-day tours or trips to any destination, The Travel Collective is a place to post and promote your offerings. 

We are currently accepting applicants from organizations around the world to join our exclusive and fast-growing online Travel Collective. Selected suppliers will get access to the Collective vendor platform and we will promote their travel services and help them get more bookings.

  • It’s easy. It takes only a few minutes to apply & submit your tours
  • Once you approved, our team will upload your tours to your dashboard
  • You will need to verify your email, and provide your basic company information
No Transaction Fees

We send users to YOUR website or processing site. Payment is made directly through your current site or provider.

Hassel Free Tour Loading

Simply complete the provided form and our folks will upload the content and ensure your listing is added correctly.

Exclusive Supplier List

Our providers are all vetted and reviewed by us. Your offering will not get lost in a "sea of listings".

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As a member of The Collective, you have access to a growing community of business-owners, professionals and supporters. Our goal is to provide opportunities for you to share your knowledge and skills with others, which in turn allows you to benefit from skills and experience of The Collective. The Services Exchange of The Collective is an place for you to offer services IN EXCHANGE for another service.
  • Blog post or article  ➡  A mention and link to your website
  • Guest spot on your podcast  ➡  A mention and link to your website
  • Travel photos or videos  ➡  Credited with link to your website
  • Blog post or article with link ➡ Blog post or article with link
Get creative, we only ask that no money change hands, look for win-win opportunities.

Networking Events

As a community of like-minded professionals and passionate business-owners, The Collective offers multiple opportunities for you to connect and support one another. Register today and join and upcoming event.

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Business Development Events

Each month The Collective offers an Elevate & Education event. These events are hosted by fellow members sharing their skills and knowledge. Past events have included: 

Additional workshops and courses maybe offered for free for at a discount. 

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