Behind the Scenes

Tonight we covered a lot of material and generated new ideas for engaging with our TRAVELERS! So if you are a traveler and want to connect with us and with other travelers, check out the  things we have coming this month. 

Traveler Interviews for Your 2022 Travels! 

We are going to do a series of 12 interviews with our travelers – we want to hear your travel experiences. Whether you took a family camping trip, hopped a plane to some exotic location, celebrated a milestone, or finally checked something off your bucket list. We want to interview YOU. 

You can apply to be interviewed here

Just fill out the form and we will get back to you. 

Travel Collective Gatherings – IN PERSON!! 

We’ve had a good deal of requests for connecting in-person. April & I can’t be everywhere, but we want to encourage and support you to connect with other members of the community. 

We’ve created some graphics to inspire you and get you chatting about where you want to go.

You might be looking for a travel buddy, or just local travel enthusiast to connect with, either way, an in-person event will connect you with those folks nearby. 

Think about where or what you might want to do….we’ve got a few suggestions. 

  • a museum
  • a local garden
  • a farmers market
  • a local happy hour
  • a coffee house
  • an art gallery or art event
  • a new restaurant
  • an interesting historic neighborhood

Start by posting where you are located and ask if others want to connect. 

“I’m in Los Angeles, who wants to meet up?” 

“I live in Savannah, who wants to grab lunch?” 

“Anyone here from Ohio who wants to meet up?” 

We have tons of suggestions and tips to ensure your Gathering is fun and successful. We’ll be sharing more of these tips in the coming weeks. 

If you enjoy the content we provide, please check out our Patreon page. We have some cool things to share with you and some exclusive content.

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