Different Ways to get Around

The very definition of “Travel” is “to go from one place to another” , but how about when you get “there” wherever there is- do you walk, do you hop a scooter? Cindy and I shared some of the different ways you can “get around” once you arrive at a destination so here we go!

  1. Flights-helicopter -sightseeing

Taking a helicopter ride, or a small plane can give you such a different perspective of a location. When you go to an Island such as Kauai you really can’t grasp all the mountains, waterfalls and just the lushness of this Island without seeing it from the Air. Dress comfortably and be ready for an amazing view! I have seen many cities also offer Flight-seeing such as New York, Las Vegas and for these cities going at Night if you can may be an incredible way to get a different look! Night views are something to consider when you book your Airfare IF you are flying into or out of a City- flying in or out at Night with a window seat often gives you that wonderful view included in the price of your Plane ticket.

2. Walking – a little bit similar to flying over a City, walking a City forces you to slow down and really SEE a city! Paris, London and even Los Angeles are collections of many different neighborhoods, architecture styles and little mini countries in a way all inside a City. By walking you can smell different foods, see different local shops and experience an area in a much more close up way! Long distance walking is another type of experience– and if you are thinking about walking the Camino, or the Applachian trail consider the fact that no one says you have to do the Whole Walk in one experience– split it up, do portions! In an upcoming interview Cindy and I meet a man who has hiked the Applachian trail but it has taken him over 20 years to do it since he does only pieces at a time! If walking is something that interests you be sure and chat with the front desk if you are in an unfamiliar area for your safety. If you are a solo traveler, letting someone know you have left and an approximate return time is always suggested.

3. Biking – Renting a bike, is similar to Walking but at a faster pace, you will be feeling the place you are a bit differently. Biking is a wonderful way to explore the backroads, go where a car may not be as appropriate and depending on the place a lovely way to get around more quickly. Cities that are more Bike friendly- like Amsterdam, the Wine country in California or even beaches, you can cover a bit more distance and still feel the wind in your face, the sunshine on your back and the smells of the ocean! Check out if your lodging offers bikes, or sometimes you will see many different types of rental bikes at popular locations. As with any activity we have mentioned take some steps to be safe, carry snacks and water with you and be dressed appropriately!

4. Boats- 

Boats can be multi day journeys or like in the Gilligans Island show just a 3 hour tour! Check out pricing and decide if a boat may be a way to enjoy the views of the lighthouses, see animal life, glaciers or just another lovely day on the water! Some of my favorite boat cruises have been a Lighthouse cruise in Maine, and learn a little bit about lobstering, how the traps work, and which lobsters they keep and which ones are to be returned to the ocean. Talking to the locals who run these small boats often have history to share and tips on places to see or eat that are not always in the guidebooks!

5. Trains- AMTRAK

Trains again can be a multi day form of travel, using it instead of an Airplane, or for inner country travel like in Italy, or the journey itself traveling on Steam trains to get to places that are not as accessible by car. Riding a train is relaxing and often filled with locals if it is a City train like the tube in London, or the trains in many parts of Europe. Cindy recently did a 7000 mile journey via Amtrak to take her office on the road- she could work remotely, and enjoy the changing scenery right outside the window. Find out about food offerings, or make the meal part of the shorter train trips.

6. Cars- buses- public transportation.

You can usually always rent a car, take your car or take a car tour– but these forms of transportation while relevant do keep you in your own bubble a bit which sometimes you need or find the most freeing vs taking a tour bus. Public transportation buses can be a very economical way to get the “lay of the City” – some cities have FREE buses in historic areas which are great as they will get you to certain areas more quickly and offer a taste of the city so to speak. I recently spent time in Charleston and really enjoyed the Free bus that serviced the historic core of the city, there were few tourists but more locals on the bus, locals going to work, or going home and having a snapshot into their lives and asking a few question about finding good local eats were a joy I would not have experienced if I had just walked or called an Uber. When you use a car hire, like Uber talk to the driver, these are locals, ask them about their city, ask where they go for eating, shopping or catching some local music. One of the hotels I use near the Airport in New Hampshire has a shuttle and they will take guests to the local restaurants and music venues in the downtown area, they don’t advertise this but I was told when they are not busy they don’t mind and like to let locals experience more to their city than just being close to the Airport.

7. Rickshaw/Carriage – sometimes these seem a bit touristy and cliche but on the other hand a wonderful way to take life a bit slower, get some history and experience a place in another manner! The carriage drivers in Southern cities are well versed on the history, places to point out and this can give you a great snapshot of a place especially if you may have limited time.

8. Motorcycles/Scooters. Cindy has a great story about being put on the back of a motorcyle to get her to the Airport in time- 2 motorcycles, one for her and one for her luggage! There are many travelers who come to the United States just to rent motorcycles and ride Route 66, and many roads are really best experienced with the wind blowing on you and seeing the scenery! Check for this as a local way to see the backroads, or a road that is narrow and very scenic- I see a lot of motorcycles when I travel to New England each year. 

9. Segway- Cindy and I have both seen these tours in places like Washington DC but they don’t seem very common, the sidewalks need to be wide, or be room to take them to the streets, a bit more novelty and I am not sure how practical these are.

10. E Scooters- Personally I have never tried an e-scooter and I often see how they clutter the sidewalks in places like LA– but I am sure for travelers they may be of use.

There are other modes of travel we may have missed but we hope we gave you some suggestions for when you are out exploring. What you choose may depend on where you are and what kind of experience or budget you have.

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