How To Pack Travel Snacks

Tonight’s How To Travel episode was all about How to Pack Travel Snacks! What to pack, how to pack them and what about during the trip? Let’s talk about it all.

Travel day snacks

April & Cindy shared some of our favorites that don’t smell for air or train Travel and won’t get too mushy in our bags. Some of our favorite travel days items are:

– drink mixes- electrolytes, vitamin infused, or others to create your own treats. There are some powdered coconut mixes too.
– mixed nuts- pre-made or mix your own with candy coated chocolates or dried fruits
– peanut or nut butter- save small jelly jars- like sample size and pack your own or buy pre-packaged nut butters
– bread & cheese- you can buy or cube your own favorite cheese
– fruits & veggies some suggestions here are baby carrots, apple slices, small oranges, celery, other raw vegetables that don’t get mushy.


Cindy shared her bandanas which can also double as a cloth to cover your tray table or eat outside or wrap up a croissant extra bread.

Things like plastic bags that zip shut, some re-usable utensils for eating and reusable mugs/thermos for filing with water. Often even a smaller bottle I had before from home I will bring thru security empty, refill with water and then throw at the end of the trip if need be.

Cindy shared her favorite stack and lock set that is made out of tin—they have different sizes and materials these are great for Travel.

Steel Bento Box for Travel

Regardless where they go, April and Cindy are coffee fans, and always bring instant coffee.

We hope we inspired you to pick your own snacks, save some money, and just be a more prepared traveler with our tips.

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