How to Rent Gear When You Travel

When you think about renting gear when you travel the first things that come to mind might be skis and snowboards or even a cars and motorcycles. But there is so much more that you can rent when you travel. But first let’s dive into the why. Why would you want to rent?

  1. Renting something that you are only going to use during a trip can save you money. You may not need to own the skis or boots when you only need them for a week.  You can often rent quality equipment for a few days or a week for less than you can purchase lower quality gear.
  2. Save space in your suitcase. You can rent hiking boots, camera gear and other gear once your arrive at your location. Saving space in your suitcase for other things!
  3. Because it is good for the environment. More stuff means more emissions and more waste, and renting means you limit both.
  4. It can reduce the storage space you need. Having equipment that you only use once or twice just takes up space.
  5. You get to try out new equipment. Maybe you are interested in buying some new camera equipment, a new car or even some new hiking boots. Renting the gear first gives you chance to try out something new.
  6. Along the same line, you get to use new equipment. Your rental skis or binoculars will often be the latest gear, so you will get to experiment with the latest gadgets and gear.

When we initially spoke about this topic, April and I’s thoughts were on our upcoming trips and the rental gear that our travelers rent. During April’s trips to Alaska and New England, it is common for travelers to rent their camera gear. They might rent a camera or a specialty lens specifically for the trip. Often is best to rent this gear prior to the journey. This way you can chat with your local camera shop and learn a little about the gear you are renting. The challenge is that you will have to cart the gear with you on the flight. Renting the gear on-location means you won’t have to carry it along with you.

I am planning a big road trip to Iceland in 2023 and during my research I am uncovering all kinds of gear that you can rent in Iceland. Camping trips are very common in Iceland and renting camping, hiking and outdoor gear is easily accessible in Iceland. If you need to rent this kind of gear, I recommend doing it away from the airport and other touristy areas – you will often get a better price.

During our coffee chat this morning we chatted about a variety of things you might want to rent when you travel.

In some locations have a bicycle could be a great thing. Beach towns, quaint villages and other small communities can be easily navigable by bike. Sometimes you can rent a bike through your hotel or AirBnB. Ask someone local – they can often help you arrange getting a bicycle for all or part of your stay.

Kathy shared about renting fly-fishing equipment in Mammoth, California. I found a site with some resources for anyone wanting to do some fly-fishing in Mammoth.

Erica mentioned being able to rent an art easel and stool when at a Yosemite National Park, I wasn’t able to locate a link to renting the art equipment – but here is the Yosemite Conservancy that offers art programs and the like – they might be a good contact.

There are number of new rental businesses popping up in the travel space. You can rent luggage.

Families can rent baby items. This service also delivers them to your hotel or home.

There are new companies trying to get a hold on the clothing rental business. There are already many clothing rental companies out there.

But the idea of renting your travel clothes is something that has not quite taken off yet. There is a company that is partnering with hotels to offer this service to their clients. It is an interesting idea, to rent local clothing when you arrive in a new location.

I always come away with new information during these chats and today did not disappoint. When we were discussing renting medical and special-needs equipment we learned that many beaches offer free beach wheelchairs.

Here in Los Angeles, you can use this link to find out where these wheelchairs are available. And these sites rent all kinds of medical and special needs items.

In case you are thinking – “What else can I rent?” – check out Loanables. You can rent just about anything!

Thank you all for another successful Wanderlust Coffee chat! Hope to see you at an upcoming Travel Collective event!

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