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New England, Morocco, Iceland & Dominican Republic

We hosted another Let’s Talk Travel event last night – another successful event! Connecting our travelers in the travel community – The Travel Collective with our amazing travel providers.

Each Let’s Talk Travel event is an opportunity to connect and get to know the tour providers within our community. We have such an wide-range of traveler providers and these events showcase these amazing organizations.

– April Bielefeldt shared her tour to New England in October.

Did Lewis and Clark know exactly what they were going to see when they took off across the Open West? Did Amelia Earhart know what she was going to see or encounter or feel when she went off exploring? If you enjoy the element of surprise the quest for something you’re not sure you will find this trip is for you. 

Do you enjoy fun and discovering places and people that you might not have ever met? Trust your creative spirit inside and allow me to show you the New England I love. This is a New England with open parameters, gravel roads that might not be on every map, and opportunities that may present themselves that I can’t even plan for. 

Your Photo Travel Guide

Elaine Dixson– share an amazing tour during the World Sacred Music Festival in Morocco.

This was a sneak peek into a new tour being offered by Come to the Sahara centered around the The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. It is a 10-day event held in the middle of summer in the beautiful city of Fez. Intended to showcase the diversity of spiritual music from around the world. The festival features a range of open-air concerts and a mix of genres from whirling dervishes to mystical Sufi singers. 

Come to the Sahara

Cindy Coan – shared her tour to Iceland in 2023.

An EPIC Road Trip, there is nothing like it! Driving past active volcanoes, blue icebergs, and roaring waterfalls, and northern lights on Iceland’s Ring Road! 

Iceland’s Ring Road encircles the entire country, covering over 800 miles.  Although this is doable in less than 24-hours, as Iceland is just a bit smaller than the state of Kentucky, we will take 15-days to complete the journey.

We will be taking in all the scenic beauty Iceland has to offer and stopping often to get out and appreciate the view! 

Exploration Warrior

Erica Pollock – joined us to share her retreat in the Dominican Republic.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re just surviving? Has your life shifted from what you had hoped it would be? Join our Wellness Guide Barry O’Neill of The Subconscious Coach© (as featured on Netflix). He will teach you to communicate more effectively with your subconscious, creating better habits for your highest potential. Be the hero of your own journey – your subconscious coach Barry is here to empower you! Learn how to move past blocks, control negative thought patterns and stop self-sabotaging behavior. Connect your mind and body at this tranquil Dominican sanctuary. The spaces here are designed to cultivate the soul through relaxation, reconnection, healthy eating and taking care of your body.

Dreamlife Retreat

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It was a lovely event. Check out our calendar for our upcoming events.

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