Let’s Talk Travel Books

Our first Let’s Talk Travel Books was a lot of Fun and we had travelers joining from ALL over and authors with a variety of topics to inspire us, teach us and entertain us!

– Nikki Page joined us from Colorado today where she shared a bit about her True Story.

“Trapped in paradise, it sounds like a dream come true, or is it? It only took a minute as Costa Rica closed its land, sea, and air borders. 24 days, that was all it was going to be!

It had been over 19 months since I had set foot on home soil because of lockdown in Costa Rica. I held fewer possessions than I did when we moved outside of the U.S., and that was only a couple of suitcases. However, in my backpack was a broken computer holding my diary.” 
~ Nikki Page, 228 Days Trapped in Paradise 

228 Days Trapped in Paradise

Linda King joined us from Australia.

Have you ever wanted to experience first-hand what it feels like being detained at the Chinese border? How about being stranded in the middle of a hurricane? Or getting lost in the Outback?” At some point Linda stopped to reflect on all the mishaps, the people she has met and the beauty of travel even in the midst of the mishaps! Pick up her book.” 
~ Linda King, Antics Abroad 

Antics Abroad

Joe Testa joined us from the Wilds of Ohio where he is the only known RV inspector. After admittedly buying an RV and breaking everything –giving it away he now wrote the book so others can rent their first RV with confidence, and buy an RV with his guide in hand. He also has additional videos to go along with his guide and regularly meets with customers even on the phone to walk them thru fixing it all! Get your guide and go RV!

RVing for Newbies

Dawn Menge– joined us from California to share about her book- Queen Vernita Visits The Land of Little Rain.

In this book Queen seeks out the warmth of the desert during a cold winter. Her friend Chango knows about the desert and together they set up camp at a beautiful bed and breakfast near Tucson called Hacienda Linda.
~ Queen Vernita Visits The Land of Little Rain 

Although the book is written for children, there are also plenty of REAL places to use as fun FAMILY travel guide to places near Tucson- including Hacienda Linda!

Dr Dawn Menge

Sheila Stone – joined us from West Los Angeles to share about her guide- The London Explorer. She gave us some tips on where to stay- her book gives you *just enough* information about the things you need to see – the castles, palaces, cathedrals, museums, and other iconic London places. You’ll also discover some of the special highlights of each place, so you’ll know what to see once you’re there and *why* those highlights are … well, highlights.”

London Explorer

– Lea Lane– joined us and shared a quick comical excerpt of one of her travel experiences. She has traveled over 50 years in over 100 countries and writes for Forbes. Lea’s book is a collection of “writings and illustrated photos in a memoir covering over 50 years of travel throughout the world. You’ll find a range of unforgettable people and places through vivid personal experiences.”

Places I Remember

Cindy Coan- joined us from Los Angeles and has put together a guide on how to travel long-term on a budget, Slow Travel. We all would love to slow down and experience a place, feel like a local, but can we do that on a budget—Cindy shares different ways to plan it, pay for it and go do it! She shared a few websites and anecdotes from her experience of walking dogs in Manhattan!

Slow Travel

Each author shared and we even had time to get a sneak peek at some of their thoughts on books that will be out soon or in the works, everything from solo travel, advanced RV how to, more stories and tips from packing to more adventures here in the USA.

We really enjoyed all of our authors and hope you will check out more about them and join us next time!

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