Let’s Talk Travel – July 28th

Tonight was another one of our Let’s Talk Travel online events. These events have become super popular with our travel community – The Travel Collective.

Each Let’s Talk Travel event is an opportunity to connect and get to know the tour providers within our community. We have such an wide-range of traveler providers and these events showcase these amazing organizations.

– April Bielefeldt shared her tour to Alaska in September.

This is an incredible on the ground trip to view what I call the “Spine of Alaska” to get a taste of land, sea and sky! A thrill for the senses but yet safely on the ground! We will explore the ocean outside of Seward, take a small boat out to view Bald Eagles, puffins, and whales as well as a melting glacier. We will take in the drama of Denali National Park- the multi colored mountains and may see a bear or 2 along the way!  Finally we will take a small group tour out with a couple who are passionate about the Northern Lights- in fact they were married under them!

Your Photo Travel Guide

Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau joined us to share her cooking tour in Paris this coming October.

Chef Eric Fraudeau and the chefs of Cook’n with Class Paris bring you one of our 5.5-day French cooking tours in Paris filled with French markets, French pastries, wine & champagne, and more. This package will include 4 days of cooking lessons with an experienced French chef in English & a full-day tour in Reims (Champagne) with an expert wine guide. You’ll enjoy the best of Paris with tasting and touring in Paris, Champagne, & Michelin-star dining.

Let’s Eat The World

Nora Livingstone– share her tour to Nepal to work with recuse dogs.

Help street dogs in Nepal through rescue, treatment and education programs. There are thousands of dogs living on the streets in Nepal. These dogs suffer from neglect, starvation, injuries and disease. They also pose a health threat to people - every year, around 200 Nepali people die of rabies and 16,000 are treated for dog bites. You do not need veterinary experience to volunteer. Volunteers help with feeding the dogs, cleaning, grooming, and bathing the dogs at the shelter, exercising and walking the dogs and assisting the team in other activities.

Animal Experience International

Elaine Dixson– share an amazing 14-day tour in Morocco.

This tour showcases the very best of Morocco’s historical and cultural treasures while offering immersive experiences in aspects of daily life. Join local Berber women for tea and henna hand-painting. Participate in a cooking class to discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine, and visit a women’s co-operative where culinary and cosmetic argan oil products are made. Experience a traditional hammam and find out what a “deep cleanse” is really all about! Spend a night in a desert tent camp deep in the Sahara dunes – camel ride optional. This tour also offers seasonal opportunities to take in local/regional cultural festivals and participate in the saffron harvest.

Come to the Sahara

Monique Toonen – joined us to share her retreat in Mexico this September.

 Creating you Dream life retreat in Mexico. You get in touch with Nature, Meditation, Detox, Culture, Food and many more! You get the chance to detox from your DO-ER and change gears to effectively to and transition from toxic guilt to guilty pleasure and transform your fear to fearlessness living your dream life. Getting better results with less effort and more alignment for true happiness to be(come) the person to make your dream life happen! 

Dreamlife Retreat

It was a lovely event. Check out our calendar for our upcoming events.

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