Meeting Other Travelers

Part of the JOY of Travel is meeting other Travelers!

For me I realized early on that often my friends were not interested in going the same places as I was, my spouse did not always want to stop and take photos every step of the way, and sometimes my family were not able to travel when I was available. Cindy shared how she decided that she enjoyed venturing out on her own and meeting people at the places she traveled to.

Actually Cindy and I met via Meetup- being more introverted I like looking for groups of people with shared interests and then joining.

In 2022 we have so many places to meet others who share the same interests, there are groups for hiking, or photography or camping.

Here are some of the places Cindy and I have met other Travelers: Look for groups that have a shared interest- there are hiking groups, general travel groups, women’s groups, singles and so many variations. If you are traveling to another city or country look for groups there before you even leave your house and message the leader to ask if you can join an event. There are groups for food lovers, cinema and so much- think how much you would enjoy meeting other locals in say Paris, or London and really get a deeper experience! Post a clear photo of yourself, and be open to ask questions and attend events that you really want to go to!

Cindy and I both host Meetup Groups- Travel Ninja, is hosted by Cindy, and I have Tours4Women, and am a host on the Los Angeles NomadChicks group as well.

Facebook Groups

Much like Meetup, Facebook is FREE and there is a group for every interest, every age group and demographic. Many of these groups have events, lunches, and tours too, check under the events tab once you join. Interact in the group, ask questions and many of these groups encourage members to meet and get together!

Cindy and I host a Facebook group Tours for Women where you can meet other Travel women share your photos and find small tour opportunities.

Other Places

Of course you can always join a tour by a big name company, but we really chatted about the joys of meeting others in the places you go, or meeting others and planning the trip together prior. In your community you may meet others via a Church group, an Art association, even a book club at your local library.

We hope we have given you a few suggestions on where to meet other Travelers either before you leave or when you get to your destination.

Please take a look at some of the guides we have interviewed over on our YouTube Channel and check out our Meetup groups too we would love to chat with you!

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