Mystery Italy- May 2024

aerial photography of cinque terre in italy
assorted map pieces

Duration: 10 days/10 nights

Availability: May 8-18, 2024


Erica Pollock-Return Refreshed

What is a Mystery Road Trip?  It’s the next big thing in travel!
We’ll tell you the airport to fly into (in this case, Florence, Italy), and the airport to fly out of (again, Florence, Italy).  And you trust us with the rest!
You’ll delight in the unexpected as we take an old-fashioned road trip with just a handful of new friends!  
This intimate 11-day journey is for a maximum of 10 guests, as we want to assemble a very small group that will mesh well together – perhaps making friends for life!  (Booking a group?  Contact us directly for group rates.) Thinking of going on YOUR OWN? Get some ideas on WHERE to stay here

What to Expect

There’s lots of mystery here.   And you can trust that we have phenomenal experiences in store for you!  Some examples may include:- nature therapy- wine tasting & winery tour- local cooking class- nature walks / hikes- discovering ancient Etruscan architecture- sipping limoncello at the seaside- exploring Medieval villages- Vespa tour- oceanic day-cruise- Italian cultural rhythms- Italian wellness practices. . . and so much more!While many of these experiences are pre-arranged, some of the best delights in a road trip are spontaneous.  Let’s be curious together!  

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