Our Top 10 RoadTrip Songs

So talking  to Scott earlier on the Travel Collective YOUTUBE episode today, we got inspired to share our favorite Road Trip Music– there are many lists out there and I am sure you have your own– but we took a few we liked off the  Afar Magazine list and we will share a few of our own personal favorites so let’s get started! 

So let’s get to this list! Cindy, what’s your first one? 

#1, Mustang Sally, Wilson Pickett

Cindy chose this song but it’s a CLASSIC! I like it too! She chose it because she loves cars, and the mustang, shows her age a bit, but with the “windows down, the best road trip song” – Cindy 

 #2, The Cars- Let the Good Times Roll

80’s music and just epitomizes the feel of getting in the car and heading out– whether it’s a 4 hour drive or 8 hours– written and sung by Ric Ocasek who was forever quirky and unforgettable in person! I saw Ric in a mall in Iowa before a show and literally followed like a stalker jumped in my car and drove to the Arena thru Des Moines, Iowa with the song blasting. Almost a theme song for what were my regular Friday Road trips! – April

 #3, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

From the Afar list this is an iconic road trip song, meant to be sang at the top of your lungs. – Cindy

#4, Queen- I Want to Break Free- many QUEEN songs are great for driving-and singing out load and this one always reminds me of my FRIDAY off adventures– 

Also from the AFAR list- to me many QUEEN songs are great for driving-and singing out loud! Who can forget the scene in “Wayne’s World” where they are headbanging, singing out of tune and lauging– brings a smile every time!  

Route 66 logo on road that leads into sunset

#5,  Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

Another classic. I love this one, and it is on the road trip playlist. It also fits the bill for a sing-along.- Cindy

 #6, Ain’t No Stopping Us Now– McFadden and Whitehead

Fun-UPBEAT- love to sing along to old disco music when I drive a few hours a night from LA to Vegas back and forth– upbeat-fun and you can do some moving to the music even while driving! Of course the Old Saturday Night fever soundtrack is good for that too! – April

#7, “Little Red Corvette” by Prince

I love all things Prince, so this along with a few other favorites will be on the road trip playlist for me.- Cindy

#8, Lineman For the County- Glen Campbell

This song is a personal pick and may be obscure for some but gives me clear memories of Nebraska– or whatever the first long state we would cross on our Summer Vacation as a kid riding in the back seat. We didn’t have itunes or even cds or cassettes we just turned on the Radio and since Pop was driving it was his station of choice. Amazing how a SONG when you hear it can take you back to a very specific moment!

#9,  “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson

A Willie Nelson favorite, and this one is another great one to listen to on repeat. – Cindy

And finally #10, King of the Road- Roger Miller

This song is from 1965ish –it took Roger a while to complete the song-and he says he was inspired by a billboard which he saw. If you drive on Road trips you see a lot of billboards say between LA and Vegas. The backstory to the song really resonates as well as the tune itself was often a choice of my Pop the driver on those Summer Road trips we took when I was growing up. – April

We hope you have enjoyed this list of fun MUSIC and please feel free to comment with a SONG you feel should be on this list or your impressions of any of these amazing songs!

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