Top 10 Cities For Bicycling

This week our Top 10 List is all about Bicycling. Lonely Planet’s Writer Keir Plaice recently posted an Article “10 Best Places for a Cycling Holiday- 2022” so here is that list. Cindy says she used to ride regularly along the California Coast, and my bicycling has been pleasure riding the Bike paths along the beaches of many US states, and the time I attempted Mountain Biking in Minnesota which ended up with a few stitches.

#1 Siena Italy

Siena is famous among bikers for the “Strade Bianche”, an early-season race that twists and turns over the region’s hilly, white gravel roads, before ending on the Piazza del Campo. Taking these roads at a more leisurely pace is described by riders akin to “being on a cypress-lined rollercoaster through vineyards and olive groves”. It is noted that you would want a bike with wider tires, so you can enjoy the views and stress less about staying on the path. And of course who wouldn’t want to end the day with a hearty meal and a glass of wine!

#2 Vancouver

Vancouver’s North Shore is a well known place to ride mountain bikes. Bicyclists describe the ride as a steep trek that twists down through old growth trees across some bridges and “teeter totters (see-saws)”. Other things that make Vancouver a great place to get out on a bike: about 280 miles of bikepaths, mild weather, and the scenery, skyline, mountains and city views! I found there were many places to rent bike and plenty of guided rides as well.

#3 Yorkshire, England

Biking in Yorkshire has become known for its challenging climbs and steep descents, often rainy weather and beautiful scenery. Beautiful multi day tours that include small villages, stunning countryside views, and pleasant stops for tea and scones along the way. Get your gear and check out this beautiful place to take a Bicycle ride.

#4 Stavenger, Norway

The area around Stavanger provides jaw-dropping landscapes to explore on a bicycle. “The wild mountains, waterfalls, forests and cavernous fjords will leave you humbled by nature’s sheer scale and power” according to the Lonely Planet account. Some Bicycle rental sites noted many different routes, some staring in the lovely harbor town and then climbing into the mountains. Whatever you choose to do there seems to be a path to fit your skill and number of days.

#5 Girona, Spain

Spain is a wonderful country filled with old villages, mountain views and then you have Girona, on Spain’s Costa Brava coast, which is not only famous for cycling but also famous for fans of Game of Thrones as it often pops up as a filming location. Many of the routes for bicycling are the challenging routes but some sites also note some shorter more gentle rides for those just wanting to enjoy the beauty of the area. Do a search on the internet and you will a route just right for you.

#6 Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you have ever visited Amsterdam, it is easy to see why they made this list, everyone owns at least one bike, bicycles outnumber cars, and everyone from moms with kids, to businessmen in suits and women in heels can be seen riding in all kinds of weather here. If you are new to navigating the paths, and along the streets be prepared for lots of riders! Just outside of Amsterdam you can follow along canals and pedal past the tulip fields and return to Amsterdam for an afternoon coffee.

#7 Athens, USA

Athens, Georgia is a lovely College town filled with bike paths to take it more leisurely. Start in Athens and explore the rolling countryside and make some stops in historic towns, making time to enjoy Springtime is a wonderful activity to do alone or explore with friends. While writing up this list I encountered a lovely Inn to Inn biking tour that might be just the ticket to do with Friends or Family.

#8 Cape Breton, Canada

Cape Breton, Canada from the photos reminds me of the California Coastline. Scenery is just one reason that makes Cape Breton Island a popular bicycle touring region. Some websites noted a 185 mile loop that would take you into Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You may want to check out lodging options or plan to camp. Stop by the Celtic Music Center to immerse yourself in some music and a bit of Irish History.

#9 Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Colorado is definitely a haven for those who love the outdoor lifestyle. You will find trails in town The Boulder Creek path popular with families, Mountain Biking just outside of Boulder, trails like the Walker Ranch Loop with views of the Mountains, Road Cycling as seen in the movie “American Flyers and Fat Tire biking. After a good ride Boulder has a wonderful Craft brew scene, and plenty of places to sit outside in Summertime.

#10 Chihuahua, Mexico

Chihuahua, Mexico, known for its spectacular landscapes and Unesco World Heritage Site Copper Canyon which is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Mexico.” A mix of scrub with routes that climb over 6000 feet in elevation this area has more “cowboys” than cars. Prepare for the dry climate and wide open spaces.

We hope you have enjoyed our Top 10 list and will take a listen as we meet Dave and Meredith.

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